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  • Author       Ritesh Kumar

  • ISBN          9789391333676

  • Category        Academics

  • No of Pages      298

  • Publisher              Rudra Publications

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  • Language       English

The book is intended for advanced students of English. It is written mainly as a self-study book. It might also be used in class with a teacher. It will also be a great help to English Teachers. A self-study reference and practice book for advanced Indian students This book is specially written for advanced students of English who wish to improve their language skills to the next level, yet seem to have hit a plateau. Regardless of the action taken, progress seems to be slow or lacklustre. This book focuses on how to sound proficient, fluent, and more confident. It guides you on pronunciation, diction, phonetics, syllable stress, word stress, thought groups, focus words, intonation, daily use expressions, corporate expressions, email etiquette, and advanced grammar. It enables you to speak like a native English speaker, and it is also useful for IELTS and other international competitive examinations. HOW TO USE THE BOOK: This book includes all the aspects of spoken English. There are 19 chapters in the book. It’s not necessary to work through the chapters in order. This book talks about fluency and how to get it. It begins with the phonetic alphabet which is a prerequisite for good pronunciation. There are many English sounds that are not there in Indian languages. Hence, it's of utmost importance to know them to pronounce them better. Then the book elaborates on syllable and word stress. It also helps you understand the key concept of thought groups, focus words, and intonation. It is endowed with some advanced and practical grammar rules along with useful expressions

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  • Name          Ritesh Kumar

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About Author

Ritesh Kumar is a master trainer who teaches soft skills, sales, body language, voice, accent, spoken English, and overall communication skills. He has trained people from various parts of India, Saudi Arabia, and Afghanistan. He is also a celebrated speaker and voice actor. Previously, he served as the Head of Sales for one of India's leading FMCG companies.

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