Emerging Trends in ELT
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Teaching is the process of cultivating the skills that the time and space demand for the social practitioners of a particular period. The modern society is deeply obsessed with the technical advancements around it. But the academia in our country is still reluctant or unwilling to embrace this social fact while designing the tools for the educational practices in Indian classrooms. It is expected to be updated and integrated with the latest developments that affect human lifetime to time. Otherwise, the prevailing education system may fail to cater to the needs of the learners and satisfy the demand of society. Technology is believed to be one of the powerful tools that can alter the whole spheres of social life at once. Educational paradigms have to be shifted to the new turns of life integrating the latest advancements in technology in its practices. This book is an attempt to trace out the recent emerging trends in ELT for learning ESL/EFL. Due to the inclusion of technology in an ELT classroom, there has been a great development in the methods and techniques used for language teaching. The teaching and learning language is no more a passive activity but has become an enriching experience in which both the learner and the teacher is involved in an active process.

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About Author

Dr. Kottacheruvu Nagendra did M.Phil and PGDTE from EFL University (CIEFL), Doctoral degree from Sri Venkateswara University. He has 11 years of teaching experience. He has qualified APSET & FET (JNTUH). He is interested in and has taught and written extensively about English Phonetics and ELT. He has presented a number of papers in international as well as national seminars and conferences on English Language Teaching, Linguistics & Phonetics and Indian Writings in English. His scholarly articles and research papers have appeared in reputed refereed and peer-reviewed international and national journals. He is also certified Cambridge Oral Examiner for Business English Certificate (BEC)- Preliminary & Vantage. He has published a book on “Intonation Patterns in the English Spoken by English Mentors at APIIITs” from Lambert Academic Publishing (LAP), 2019, International Book Market Service Ltd., member of OminiScriptum Publishing Group, 17 Meldrum Street, Beau Bassin 71504, Mauritius, ISBN: 978-620-0-46044-8

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