Black Dots of Terrorism
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Terrorism is such type violence in which prime of ethnic cleansing of any religion followers, for spreading the religion of terrorists, by violence, though Hitler killed so many Jews, due to their religion base and in communist countries, there were lot of incidents, for ethnic cleansing, due to non-affirmatively of communists with any religious group, but it is only showman-ship, because in Russia majority of Christians, China has large population of Taoism, Buddhism and other religious groups. Same practice in other communist countries. Terrorism prohibits the peaceful living of a particular group or many groups. The religious confrontation is prime cause of terrorism, one cult says, that we will go to heaven, while other cult says that only, we will go to heaven, nobody wants to go hell, but these people do not know, that any person who believe in any cult, or not believe, but he is doing the work in favor of humanity, even he is atheist will go heaven, if any heaven, and those who are killing to each other for their specific God, certainly will go to hell, if any almighty knows everything. You can say God is a super power to mankind. “OM SARVE BHAVANTU SUKHINAH SARVE BHAVANTU NIRAAMAYAAAH. SERVE BHADRAANI PASYANTU, MAA KASCHID - DUKHA- BHAAG- BHAVAT. OM SHAANTIH, SHAANTIH, OM MAYALL BE HAPPY, MAY ALL BE FREE FROM ILLNES, MAY ALL SEE WHAT IS AUSPICIOUS, MAY NO ONE SUFFER, OM PEACE, PEACE, PEACE”.

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