Lost Paradise Kashmir
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  • Author       Vijay Kumar Pal

  • ISBN          9789390835669

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  • No of Pages      263

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  • Language       English

This book is reflection of cruelty of islam, when hamadani a sufi saint came to kashmir. this was the black day and bad period kashmir and vedik culture and religion. those muslim leaders, asfarooqh abdullah, mehbooba mufti's party are the blood suckers of the hindus. it to is a great joke, that islam is peaceful religion or culture, but in spite of, Islam and its doctorine is very harmful to hindus, as well as non-muslims in this world. so this book reflects the all specialities of islam, which is very harmful to the kaffirs and society. it is very heartbreaking how the hindu women were raped by islamic fandamentalist hindu daughders, babli raina, and others and cut nto two halves and pieces by arra machine, and terrorists danced around the dead bodies of hindus, so please read this book reflects the real face of islam, as per their islamic doctorine.

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